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A Sister’s Secret (2009)

Posted by on Sep 15, 2009

A Sister’s Secret (2009)

Written by: Bruce Davis & Sean Parker and Christine Conradt
Director: Tony LeFresne
Starring: Cynthia Preston, Alexandra Paul
Release date: September 5, 2009 (USA)
Running time: TBD
Available on DVD: not yet

Twenty years ago, JANE PARKER, 30s (Cynthia Preston) had a wonderful life. That was short-lived, however, when she lost her twin brother Sean to suicide after his girlfriend KATHERINE MORRISON (Alexandra Paul) broke up with him. Heartbroken over the loss of her son, Jane’s mother FLORENCE, 60s, never quite recovered from the tragedy and her health has been deteriorating ever since. For the last two decades, Jane has lived at home, taking care of her mother– the only person she has left in the world– and never forgot that Katherine Morrison was to blame for the downward turn in the lives of her and her mother. When Katherine returns to her hometown of Granson, Pennsylvania to try to save her father’s paper mill which has become unprofitable, Jane decides that it’s time to take her long-awaited revenge on Katherine. When her attempts to sabotage Katherine’s plan to save the mill fail, she resorts to something much darker and more dangerous…

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