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Maternal Obsession (aka Locked Away) (2010)

Posted by on Sep 22, 2010

Maternal Obsession (aka Locked Away) (2010)

Written by: Christine Conradt, story by Ken Sanders
Director: Doug Campbell
Starring: Jean Louisa Kelly, Paula Trickey, Kirsten Prout, Jake Thomas
Release date: September 25, 2010


When high school senior Taylin (Kirsten Prout) and her boyfriend Kevin (Jake Thomas) tell Taylin’s mother Sasha (Paula Trickey) they’re pregnant, Sasha wants Taylin to give the baby up for adoption. Confused and frustrated, Taylin decides to seek the advice of pregnancy counselor Chloe (Jean Louisa Kelly). What Taylin doesn’t know is that Chloe has wanted a baby for quite some time and unable to have one of her own, is willing to do the unthinkable to take the one Taylin is carrying…

Maternal Obsession
was shot and released under the title Locked Away. It was retitled Maternal Obsession for Lifetime Network.

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