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Missing at 17 (2013)

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013

Missing at 17 (2013)

Written by: Christine Conradt

Director: Doug Campbell

Starring: Ayla Kell, Tricia O’Kelley, Ben Gavin, Marin Hinkle

Release date: October 5, 2013 (USA)

Available on DVD: not yet



When 17 year old Candace (Ayla Kell) finds out that she’s adopted, she’s furious with her parents for not telling her sooner. Already struggling with an estranged relationship with her mother Shannon (Tricia O’Kelley), she runs away from home in hopes of finding her biological mother. Her path crosses ways with a mysterious bad boy named Toby (Ben Gavin) who promises to help and loans her the cash she needs to hire a private investigator. But Candace soon finds out that between Toby and her mother Callie (Marin Hinkle), she’s entered a world much darker than the one she’s known…


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