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Murder in My House (2006)

Posted by on Jun 8, 2006

Murder in My House (2006)

Written by: Christine Conradt (Story by Rob Malenfant)
Director: Rob Malenfant
Starring: Barbara Niven, Gary Hudson, Daniel Travanti
Release date: June 2006


When Lauren Kessler (Barbara Niven) and her father (Daniel Travanti) move into the perfect new house, they soon realize it’s not perfect at all. Two years prior, a gruesome murder was committed there and the wrong person may have been convicted. Lauren’s father– a retired attorney– begins to investigate what happened in the house while Lauren gets to know her attractive widowed neighbor Brian (Gary Hudson). But Brian knows more than he’s telling about the events in the house, and uncovering the house’s dark secrets puts the lives of both Lauren and her father in grave danger.

Murder in My House was also released under the title Blood Stains in some foreign markets.

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