Christine Conradt

Screenwriter | Producer | Script Consultant


Christine offers script consultation services. For $500, Christine will read your feature-length script (115 pages or less) and give you detailed notes. In addition, the fee includes a 30 minute phone call/skype session with Christine to discuss questions you have about the notes, new ideas for your project, or just have a general discussion about the project or your writing process. Christine’s notes include a series of exercises designed to specifically help you improve in the areas where you most need improvement based on her assessment of your work. This addition not only helps you improve this script, but your screenwriting skills in general so that in the end, you become a better screenwriter!

What Screenwriters are Saying About Christine’s Notes

“Wow! I’m delighted! These are not only the best script notes ever, but also the most efficient screenwriting class I’ve ever attended (and believe me, there have been a lot of them in the past year, some of them I walked away from). You are really worth your money! Thank you so much!”

~ Hans-Peter Zimmermann

“I’d recommend Christine to anyone who wants to take their script—and their writing skills—to the next level. Not only did she go to a level of detail that exceeded my expectations, but her notes were insightful, creative, and practical. I left the engagement energized and full of ideas for where to go next!”

~Aaron Hierholzer

“Christine provided me detailed notes for my projects and helped me strengthen the characters, improve the story, add funny elements and provided other key scriptwriting advice. She did all this within tight deadlines. I was really impressed with the number and quality of suggestions she made after carefully reading my script.”

~Claude Huard

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