Christine Conradt

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Now Write! Screenwriting


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“Verdict: This guide stands out from the crowd by incorporating the techniques of a variety of different screenwriters rather than just one professional’s approach. Highly recommended for readers interested in writing, screenwriting, film, and storytelling.” – Sally Bryant, Pepperdine Univ. Lib., CA for Library Journal

Now Write! Screenwriting is an essential handbook featuring over 90 insightful screenwriting exercises from the acclaimed screenwriters of RAGING BULL, ALI, TERMINATOR 2, GROUNDHOG DAY, CAPE FEAR, Lost, True Blood, The Shield, and many other hit films and television shows.

This lively and easy-to-read guide provides creative writing prompts, inspiration and guidance valuable for aspiring and experienced screenwriters alike.

Now Write! Screenwriting is a treasure trove of practical advice and writing exercises, straight from the personal stashes of the top screenwriters working today.

Christine Conradt is one of the many professional screenwriters featured in this book.