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The Perfect Marriage (2006)

Posted by on May 8, 2006

The Perfect Marriage (2006)

Written by: Kaadi Taylor, Christine Conradt
Director: Douglas Jackson
Starring: Jamie Luner, James Wilder, Billy Moses
Release date: May 2006


Naive young Annie (Jamie Luner) is manipulated by the charming, attractive Brent (James Wilder) into murdering her husband for the insurance money. But when Annie realizes Brent is just using her, she leaves him, a little stronger and much wiser than before. Years later, now that she is happily married to wealthy heir Richard Danforth (Billy Moses), her world is turned upside down when Brent reappears in her life ready to blackmail her if she doesn’t perform the same scheme again. But will Annie be able to stand up to this evil man who once had her heart… or will she destroy the perfect marriage to protect her secret past?

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