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The Rival (2006)

Posted by on Oct 8, 2006

The Rival (2006)

Written by: W.T. McCoy, David DeCrane, Christine Conradt
Director: Douglas Jackson
Starring: Tracy Nelson, Linden Ashby, Heather Tom
Release date: October 2006


After a terrible accident, Alice (Tracy Nelson) is unable to have a baby of her own, so she and her husband George (Linden Ashby) decide to have a young surrogate named Jennifer (Heather Tom) carry it for them. Alice’s one rule… the surrogate must live in the house with them so that she can live the pregnancy vicariously– something she always wanted but now will never be able to do. But things begin to go downhill as soon as Jennifer moves in and Alice becomes extremely jealous of the younger, more attractive woman living under the same roof as she and her husband. As Alice becomes more and more convinced that Jennifer and George will run off together once the baby’s born, she decides she must make sure that doesn’t happen… at any cost.

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